The world’s most joyful flight This flight was filled with surprises for passengers.

What about a free musical instrument on your flight? A Southwest flight from Chicago to Hawaii was pleasantly surprised when passengers received a free ukulele as well as a lesson.

According to reports, American passengers were shocked to discover that their flight to Hawaii wasn’t an ordinary one. Southwest Airlines offered all passengers free lessons on the ukulele and a musical instrument.Guitar Centre, a music instrument retailer, organized the lesson. During the six-hour flight, passengers were taught how to play “Hello, Aloha” in full. How are you? The most famous Hawaiian instrument.

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Alexandra Windsor, education affairs specialist at Guitar Centre Lessons, shared more details about the happy experience. She stated that although he has taught students through Guitar Centre Lessons from 2014 to date, he never flew in an airplane. He said that it was inspiring to watch how fast all passengers could pick up the tunes on the Ukulele. Many of them had almost no musical backgrounds.

Windsor stated that the ukulele was an excellent instrument for beginners and showed how easy it can be to learn something new.

All passengers were permitted to leave with their gift as soon as the plane touched down at the aloha state. They also received a case to protect the ukulele.

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