Shimla’s 12 Schools get Smart Classrooms

The school run by the government in Shimla’s Krishnanagar area, which is a densely-populated area, is now equipped with an advanced classroom, because of the Smart City project.

Ministry of Urban Development Suresh Bhardwaj, on Tuesday, reviewed the project and announced that all the schools chosen are equipped with smart classrooms that work.

The school, along with other schools in the capital city of the state has 33 smart classrooms, as per Bhardwaj the local legislator.

Apart from that the possibility of civil works was also suggested, and is currently ongoing,” said four-time legislator Bhardwaj.

Shimla has a few convents from the British era and public schools, as well as the government-owned ones. “We started with 12 schools, and I am able to say that the project went off very well.” the minister said.

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Krishnanagar, Chota Shimla, Khalini, Sanjauli, Tutikandi, Phagli, Boealeganj, Totu, Shimla, Summerhill, Lakkar Bazar, Portmore and Lalpani are schools equipped with intelligent classes, he said.

The minister clarified that the main goals of the project is to boost knowledge assimilation and retention among students of the public schools. It also aims to harness the power of technology to increase the quality and reach of the education offered in the government school, especially in the areas where there is a deficiency of highly skilled teachers.

The project will also offer innovative and user-friendly options for students to study in Hindi and also in English medium, in addition to enhancing knowledge of academic subjects.

Director (Urban Development) Manmohan Sharma told the media that after his smart classes, there is a main focus now is on civil work. “The work has been delayed because of being in the season of rain. Recently the minister reviewed the plan and said that the construction of the civil works at all schools will be completed at the end of the calendar year.” the minister said.

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