Mayyur Girotra shows the runway South Asian New York Fashion Week

Mayyur the Girotra showcased some his stunningly captivating work at the inaugural South Asian New York Fashion Week (SANYFW) In addition to several of the most renowned designers with respect to South Asian looks and overall style, Mayyur Girotra exhibited ne of his most admired ideas, Zamani.

Zamani the latest collection from Mayyur was a collection that showcased a variety of Indian workmanship in each piece. It was an amalgamation of many distinctive Indian designs that captivate the attention of viewers in various forms. Inspired by past designs, this uplifting idea is sure to catch the eyes of those who see it and draw them into the world of classical Indian craftsmanship.

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Mayyur mixed whites and blacks with the colors of India beautifully, illustrating the contradiction between each piece of clothing and the person wearing it. In addition, he presented the “endless saga of love,” he let viewers to tell their own narrative through various styles.

It is a program that is bringing South Asian designers from across the globe to the global world stage of New York City. It has been created as a model to show and elevate South Asian fashion inspired by the traditional and contemporary South Asian attire and culture.

In a statement about the collaboration, Designer Mayyur Girtra said “I truly feel honored to be a part of South Asian couture at SANYFW and to showcase its rich history on an international stage. We are proud to showcase the stunning art of the subcontinent elegant elegance in a sparkling face. This brand MG couture has surpassed all boundaries and has become one of the most loved brand names across the USA for the past 8 years. we are delighted to show our collection in a fashion-forward way.”

This year’s Delhi Times Fashion Week had many talented designers showing stunning gowns, lehengas and saris on the runway. Here are the styles they stood out.

Rina Dhaka’s collection oozed retro vibes and this red sari looked stunning with a flirty Lace blouse with an elongated front tie.

Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor, in collaboration With Diamond Cubik presented a renaissance inspired collection. The extravagantly embellished lehenga looked gorgeous.

Gauri and Nainika’s collection was filled with beautiful dresses and stunning gowns. The polka-dotted dress was a real show-stopper.

Another amazing look from Gauri & Nainika’s fashion show was this metallic dress that had an incredibly pleated skirt.

Vaishali S’s wedding gown beautifully illustrates the way Indian weaves can be spellbinding. Here are some fashion-forward ideas from her bridal collection.

Eye-catching and vibrant colours reveal the rich cultural aspects of the attire. These soft palettes of colours are perfect for this wedding season.

Contemporary, flowing silhouettes that have a global appeal the forms of lehengas, dresses and gowns. Each item has a unique design twist that will add an ideal addition to your wedding wishlist.

Merino wool blends and silks, handwoven Chanderis create unique styles to mark important events in the individual’s life.

Corded outfits that are hand-crafted using Bengal silks brocades from Benaras, as well as the their signature cording technique are a striking representation of traditional textiles.

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