Anjana Arjun launches handbag brand Sarjaa

Sarjaa, a brand of vegan leather handbags with an e-commerce shop, has been launched by Anjana Arjun. The new brand was announced by Facebook as the brainchild of Anjana Arjun, an entrepreneur and designer who uses upcycled food waste including apple skins to make luxury accessories.

Arjun said that there was still little awareness in India about sustainable leather. Elle India agreed. When people think about sustainability in India, the first thing they think of is products made from jute and linen. These products can be very minimally recycled or reused. Sustainability is not associated with an upscale look, and that’s what I discovered in the market. Sarjaa is my attempt to bridge this gap by bringing chic products to the table and being sustainable.

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According to the label, the brand is the first to use apples to make vegan leather. Other brands have used pineapples. These bags have sleek, modern designs with linings made from mehendi designs.

Arjun said, “While we are currently sourcing apple skin leather from overseas, the next major step for me that is currently in progress is to bring production to India.” “And this is something that I wouldn’t want anyone to keep a secret – everyone should have the ability to use these materials in their products. This is the main goal as a country. We are not 100% sustainable, and nobody is. But we are all still learning and will get there.

After a two year research and development phase, the brand launched its maiden collection. It is free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and water consumption. Arjun launched her brand initially as a handbag label. However, she plans to grow the product range and create clothing and homeware from fruit fibres. She also hopes to experiment with other materials like grapes and mushrooms.

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