WhatsApp Refrains 2.21 Mn Accounts in June 2022

Instant messaging platforms was the subject of 426 complaints regarding the appeal of a ban, 123 regarding account support 35 for support for products and 16 complaints regarding security

As of May 20, 2022 WhatsApp has been banned from 1.91 million Indian accounts, and had received 528 complaints

Based on request of 632, WhatsApp acted on 64 accounts to make appeals against bans

WhatsApp was banned 2.21 million Indian account accounts back in the month of June due to disregarding its guidelines for communities. The Meta-owned company received 632 complaints and demands from users using the grievance redressal mechanism. The information is taken from the monthly compliance report for June 1 to June 30, 2022.

The majority of them referred to appeals against bans (426) and account support (123) Support for products (35) as well as safety (16) and safety (16) among others. Based on these requests Messenger.com took an action against 64 accounts for ban appeals.

WhatsApp also clarified that the safety-related grievances (16) are related to concerns that could be concerning abuse or inappropriate behavior that happens on WhatsApp. In the event of such complaints, WhatsApp responds to users by helping them report the issue through in-app reporting.

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It was also stated that the social network declared that an account can be actioned when an account is suspended or an account that was previously banned is reinstated – in response to an incident.

Then, in May of 2022 WhatsApp blocked 1.91 million Indian accounts and also received 528 complaints.

Each every month WhatsApp regularly bans 2 million accounts. The bans are in accordance with its approach to detecting abuse that includes negative feedback by users through its Report feature.

The company has explained its proactive detection method, WhatsApp has stated that the process of detecting abuse takes place in three phases of a user’s account’s existence when it is registered, during messaging, and as a response to feedback that is negative.

A group of experts is augmented by these systems to assess edges cases and assist in improving our efficiency as time passes, the company said in its report.

While the IT Rules amendments are underway, WhatsApp and parent company Meta are fighting an action in the CCI. CCI at the Delhi High Court related to the privacy policies update coming in 2021.

WhatsApp and Facebook declared that CCI was not able to investigate the platform in a’spreading manner’. Facebook has also claimed that it shouldn’t be involved in the investigation because its [WhatsApp’s] policies do not match Meta’s.

According to the IT (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021, also referred to as newly-enacted IT rules, which was first announced in February 2021 every social media intermediaries that have more than 5 million registered users will publish each month compliance statements.

According to the IT Rules, 2021 guidelines Other platforms have also published their own reports comprise the Meta (removed 22.8 million pieces of content) in which Facebook was able to take actions against 18.7 Mn pieces of content (a majority of them due to being spam or for content that is deemed to be violent) and Instagram also took actions in the case of 4.1 millimeter items (mostly against content that promotes violent or graphic material).

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In addition to other sites for sharing information, Twitter banned 43,140 accountsfor breaking its rules related to terrorist promotion and child sexual exploitation sexually explicit and non-consensual content. The tech giant Google implemented removal measures in the case of 6,40,339 content items that were in violation of the guidelines of its community.

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