Top 10 Game Development Companies in Kerala

Top 10 Game Development Companies in Kerala

Kerala may sound like a state that may not have much requirement for game development, but this is an assumption. But the high number of game development companies in Kerala speaks for itself. Even without this point, game development for international clients can be done from anywhere, including Kerala. 

Regardless of your location, you can opt to hire one of the top game development companies in Kerala as they offer premium services for affordable prices. We have compiled a list of Kerala’s ten best game development companies to make the process faster and easier. 

1) Infocomsoft 

There is no shortage of options that Infocomsoft offers to clients, local and abroad. Leveraging AR and VR technologies, the company develops various games from assorted genres. Examples of the games they develop are casino games, card games, Poker games, arcade games, racing games, archery games, and even educational games. 

With every possible angle of game development covered, there won’t be much left that a prospective client could ask for. 

2) Casual Punch Game Studios Pvt Ltd

Upon visiting the Casual Punch Game Studios Pvt Ltd website, you’ll notice that the company most definitely identifies as a game development company. Since game development is their only service, you can tell they are genuinely dedicated to this one aspect. 

The company even has a few apps on the Google Play Store, so it knows the exact requirements for launching an app on a platform like these. 

3) Infox Technologies

This company comes through as one of the best game development companies in Kerala, providing Unity Game Development services. The company offers Unity game development which makes them highly popular, as Unity offers cross-platform integration, which means that the game will run on both platforms without much hassle or compromise on quality. 

Additionally, clients can incorporate AR and 3D modelling as they see fit since the company also offers these technologies. 

4) Ruby Seven Studios

This company is truly a mobile game development company that offers services in just this one domain. They have several published apps on the App Store. This App publishing success can be a testament to the company’s efforts throughout its years. 

The company has vast experience in fantasy casino games, including luck-based games. The key element behind most of these games are slots, casino card games, and even spin-the-wheel.  

The company boasts of having a large team situated at various locations worldwide. 

5) Csharks Games and Solutions Pvt Ltd. 

With an impressive Google rating, Csharks Games and Solutions is one of the game development companies in Kerala that caters to specific requirements very well. 

The company altogether provides all areas of game development. The company works on developing games, characters, game art, and even AR & VR elements in the game. Looking at the portfolio of Csharks games and solutions, you’ll notice that the company strays from traditional games that everyone develops. 

Csharks Games and Solutions cover several game genres. This includes racing games, role-playing games (RPG), sports, and racing games. 

6) Alientron Solutions 

The company works to offer 2D and 3D modeling and animation services for game development. Take a look at all of them:

  • 2D & 3D game development
  • Multiplayer and single-player games 
  • Best in the world graphics for UI & UX 
  • Integration of popular APIs (e.g., social app integration)
  • Motion graphics 
  • Product simulation 
  • Multiple revisions post-production

Alientron Solutions is one of Kerala’s top game development companies, showing the state’s skills. Judging by the skills on offer, it’s not such a bad idea for the company to only be under a year old! 

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7) Wrinit

Clients looking to develop a complex game that offers users a better game experience can try out Wrinit for disappointment-free game software development. This is one of the most, if not the most, unique game app development companies in Kerala, offering complete value for money. You won’t have to worry about poor lacklustre graphics when dealing with this company!

Graphics developed by the company are richly realistic and suit action, sporting games, and RPG games (role-playing games). Think of top-rated RPG games like PUBG and call of duty.

8) Ether Games

Created in 2014, Ether Games can boast of extensive experience, particularly in the action and shooting genre space. The company possesses a distinct passion for the development of such games. 

The company works to develop both FPS and TPS games (first-player shooter or third-player shooter). Of course, the client will make this choice and act upon which the game development company will comply. 

There is a range of examples to share from both these game categories. 

  • FPS- Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield 
  • TPS- Red Dead Redemption 2, Uncharted, God of War 


With many games on various platforms, such as the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, it’s safe to say that you can put your trust in this game development company in Kerala!

These are not just games; each game averages a million-plus download, and the graphics are good enough to pass international standards. DYNAMICNEXT is truly dynamic!

The company has developed some titles: Downtown Mafia, BattleCry, and Poker Legends- Texas Hold ’em. The company will surely understand the requirement for a premium quality role-playing or quality graphics game. 

10) Azura Creative Studio

As the name suggests, Azura Creative Studio focuses on creating new elements usable in the game development space that will work to improve the process.

The company describes itself as a ‘tribe of artists and visionaries’ presenting brand stories. As this description represents, the company is well into developing artistically creative content, be it for games or the wider environment surrounding highly graphical games. 

You can try to make the most of your game by providing quality graphical elements that will add to the overall experience the users will experience. The company has recently forayed into NFT development, a striking appeal if you are looking for an accompaniment to game development. 

End Note 

With a lot of talent being displayed in this state, game development companies in Kerala or any other state in India will be a viable option for local clients in Kerala, Mumbai, or even abroad in the USA or UK. Games like Rummy Game Development companies in this area clearly understand what clients want. Ideally, clients could be local, in India, or internationally. 

We’ve provided the ten best game development companies in Kerala, and the final choice is yours to pick which one you will use to develop your project. 

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