There is no chance of rain for the next five days in Delhi

(PTI) After an extensive rain deficit from August to September, activity in the monsoon decreased in Delhi and the surrounding areas in September, so far, and a prolonged period of rain is not likely for the next five days.

A cloudy, partly cloudy sky is expected over the capital of the nation on Wednesday.

The city has recorded the city’s minimum temperature at 25.8 degree Celsius and the temperature that reached the highest will likely to reach 37 ° Celsius.

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It is reported that the Safdarjung Observatory, Delhi’s primary weather station, has recorded only 8.8mm of rain against an average of 52.5mm through September which is a deficit of 83 .

It was able to record just 41.6 millimetres of rain in August, which was the lowest for at most 14 years because of the absence of any favorable weather conditions in the northwest region of India.

In total it appears that the Safdarjung Observatory has recorded 361.2mm of rain, compared to a norm of 569.4mm on June 1, which is when the monsoon season typically is in full swing, with an average of 37 percent.

Weather experts have attributed the absence of rain throughout August due to formation of three low-pressure regions in the northwestern Bay of Bengal which pulled the monsoon trough that was forming over central India and didn’t let it drift to the north for a prolonged time.

As per the India Meteorological Department, a favorable rainstorm is not likely to occur in Delhi during the next five or six days even though cloudy conditions is expected to be the norm.

The weather bureau has forecast lower than normal rainfall in certain areas in northwest India in September.

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