The jeweller was killed by Ghaziabad The wife and daughter were arrested

(PTI) A 40-year-old jeweller died in a car during the wee hours on Sunday morning, in the wake of the death of his wife and daughter. were arrested on suspicion of murder, police announced on Sunday.

During the interrogation during interrogation, the jeweller’s wife as well as his daughter admitted to having killed him, a detective stated.

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The accused claims that according to him the suspect was engaged in an extramarital affair with a woman from Saharanpur which he used to visit frequently. The wife of the deceased said that he would make video calls to her , while having a sexual relationship with her, the City Police Superintendent Police (First) Nipun Agarwal informed PTI.

The wife informed the police that in the evening of Saturday and Sunday, she was involved in an argument with her husband in the course of which their daughter is believed to have struck him with a rock, which led to the death of his husband. The body was then placed inside the vehicle and left the body in a deserted location close to Raheespur village The police officer stated.

A police car discovered bodies in a bloody pool on the back seat of the vehicle around 4:00 am Sunday morning. The car’s documents assisted in finding the body. When they checked their home the stone as well as a cloth used to wipe off the blood were confiscated by the SP stated.

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