The developments in Bihar positive for the national political landscape: Akhilesh Yadav

(PTI) Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav said on Thursday that the shift in politics in Bihar is an “positive indicator” and that he hopes a powerful opposition to BJP will be formed during the 2024 elections for parliament.

He also said that the Allies of the BJP within Uttar Pradesh are not happy with the BJP’s policy and could dissociate themselves from the saffron-based party in the near future.

JD(U)’s Nitish Kumar recently dumped the BJP and joined forces with Lalu Prasad’s Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) as well as Congress, Congress along with other opposition parties, to make a new government for Bihar.

In an interview with PTI at the headquarter of the party in this city, Yadav said his party is focused on restructuring and strengthening its organization and plans on hosting a national convention later this year.

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The SP chief also said he was accusing his fellow members of the Election Commission of “dishonesty” and blamed it for the party’s failure in the assembly elections and also in the bypolls for Azamgarh and Ramgarh seats.

In response to questions about the development in Bihar one of the previous Uttar Pradesh chief minister said, “It (Bihar development) is a good sign for the country’s political landscape.”

“Political allies aren’t happy in the BJP. Check out in UP how these (BJP friends) are receiving. In the future, they’ll leave the party,” he said without expounding.

The BJP had a tie-up to the Apna Dal (Sonelal) as well as the Nishad party for the assembly elections.

Regarding the 2024 elections for the parliamentary seat, Yadav said, “I would like to see a solid alternative be created in opposition to the BJP and that people will be in favor of it.”

When asked about the role his party plays in the development for an alternative party, Yadav declared, “Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as well as Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar are working on the idea. The focus of our party at present is on strengthening our party’s presence across the State.”

In Delhi In Delhi, the BJP did not seem to be concerned about the possibility of a greater opposition-led unity of opposition for 2020 Lok Sabha polls, saying the time of the likes of V P Singh and H D Deve Gowda who ruled short-lived coalition government were over and the nation now needed stability, progress and a strong leadership.

“People of India are aware that the time of Deve Gowda, I K Gujral and V P Singh is gone. India now requires stability, growth as well as a trustworthy and efficient leadership. Premier Narendra Modi has provided it and has boosted India’s image,” former Union minister and BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said, in response to Yadav’s remarks.

Prasad added that it is to be determined how much understanding is developed among the opposition parties, which is a direct indication of the lack of cohesion and unity among the rivals of the BJP.

Following the turmoil in Bihar’s political scene the neighboring state of Bihar discussions began to make round within Uttar Pradesh if it could be replicated in the state with the highest populous state, which has a total of the 80 members to Lok Sabha.

There was also discussion within political circles about whether Yadav along with BSP supremo Mayawati could again unite against the BJP in 2024.

While there was no “Bua-Babua” (Mayawati as well as Akhilesh Yadav) were unable to end from destroying the BJP within Uttar Pradesh in 2019, they were able to reduce the tally down to 62, from 71 in 2014.

The BJP’s popularity increased to 64 following the winning at Azamgarh in the Azamgarh and Rampur in a by-election. Its allies Apna Dal (Sonelal) is headed by the Union minister of State Anupriya Patel, has two members.

In the camp of the opposition in the opposition camp, the BSP includes 10 MPPs, while Yadav’s power has fallen to three from five following the defeat in the bypoll. Congress President Sonia Gandhi is the lone representative from her party in UP.

While there is no immediate evidence of a change in political parties within Uttar Pradesh, BJP leaders have already denied any influence on them , if any comes with the claim that the various combinations of opposition parties has faced defeat from the saffron-led party in 2014 as well as in 2019 and state elections.

Yadav declared that the SP will be holding an all-national convention this year, and the main focus will be on enhancing the party’s presence on the level of booths.

“Our member drive forward and getting positive responses. This time, we are promoting the drive via mobile apps as well as online and QR code as well as traditional methods,” he added.

Concerning the municipal council elections scheduled for later in the next year Yadav claimed that his party appointed in-charges and is in the process of preparing.

Yadav claimed that the SP has contested previous polls in an attempt to save democracy. Now, after the polls, the results are available to all.

“There is no independent institution within the nation. Under pressure the government gets whatever it needs from these institutions” Yadav alleged.

In blaming at the EC to be the reason for his party’s loss in the assembly polls and bypolls He said “The EC did a lot of deceit. They didn’t listen to the voices of the opposition. A significant number of votes were removed from the voter rolls.”

“In Rampur, SP workers weren’t allowed to vote, whereas in Azamgarh Red cards were handed out to SP employees. Was the EC asleep? It didn’t pay attention to our concerns,” Yadav alleged, soliciting the body to improve its performance.

In the record Covid vaccinations for Uttar Pradesh, Yadav alleged that all “data for the second dose of vaccine is false”.

In a scathing attack on the state government over police and law enforcement crisis, Yadav said it is in “bad state” as the medical system is in a state of collapse.

“There is no treatment, no medicine and there is no operation. The machines that are used have been deemed obsolete, be it imaging with X-rays, MRI or CT Scan. In the medical school in the state of India, “dalals” are roaming around,” Yadav said.

Ministers and officers are engaged in “manmarji” (working at the whims of their heads and fantasies) and Chief ministers are engaged with reviews, he said.

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