Sonali Phogat’s case Goa judge remands 3 suspects to police custody for five days

(PTI) A Goa court on Sunday ordered three accused who were in the case of the alleged murder of BJP chief Sonali Phogat in detention for five consecutive days in police custody, according to a top police official said.
The police brought three suspects of the case – Edwin Nunes, who owns the Curlies restaurant in Goa and two drug dealers Dattaprasad Gaonkar and Ramakant Mandrekar and Ramakant Mandrekar before the court in Panaji.

The court ordered them to be to police in custody to be held for 5 days an official stated.

Nunes was also a part of an application to be granted bail but the court ruled against it, the official said.

Phogat (43) Phogat, the former Tik Tok actor who was a participant on reality program “Big Boss”, was taken to a hospital in the North Goa district on August 23rd, a day following his arriving in the state of Goa.

Saturday night, Anjuna police of North Goa arrested drug peddler Rama known as Ramadas Mandrekar for allegedly supplying drugs to another drug peddler Dattaprasad Gaonkar, who is currently in custody for the investigation according to an official earlier on in the day.

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The police had also taken two of Phogat’s friends who were Sudhir Sagwan as well as Sukhwinder Singh – who went with Phogat on her Goa trip.

They were accused of murder, and a court on Saturday ordered Sangwan as well as Singh in custody of the police over a period of 10 days.

Nunes The other detained person, was the proprietor of the Curlies restaurant in North Goa where Phogat and her aides had a party during the night between the 22nd and 23rd of August.

Phogat was treated with methamphetamine and a small amount of the drug left over was found in the bathroom of the restaurant, deputy Chief of Police Jivba Dalvi told the media.

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