Samsung Says Foldable Phone Shipments Touched 10 Million in 2021,Galaxy Flip 4,Teases Galaxy Fold 4

Samsung has announced that their foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, has already shipped 10 million units to customers. The Galaxy Fold is a phone that can be folded in half like a book, and Samsung says that it will debut in the spring of 2021.
The Galaxy Flip 4 is also announced by Samsung. It is a phone that has a huge screen on the front and a small screen on the back. This design was inspired by how people use their phones now – they have one device for work and one device for personal use.

Samsung releases a foldable phone

Samsung has released a foldable phone, which it is calling the Galaxy Fold. This phone is designed to be a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet.

The Galaxy Fold was first announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year. Since then, it has been in development and testing. Samsung says that it has shipped million units of the phone to customers around the world.

The Galaxy Fold is not yet available for purchase, but Samsung is teasing people with images of the phone. The first images of the Galaxy Fold show it being unfolded and then folded back up.

There are some concerns about the Galaxy Fold. Some people are worried that the phone will not hold up well over time. Others are concerned about the durability of the screen because it folds in half. However, Samsung is promising that the phone will last for years if treated properly.

Overall, the Galaxy Fold is an interesting looking phone that has some potential issues that need to be ironed out. However, it does show promise as a potential alternative to both smartphones and tablets.

Galaxy Fold teased

Samsung has teased a foldable phone that it says has shipped one million units.

Samsung is teasing a new foldable phone that it says has shipped one million units. The phone, which Samsung calls the Galaxy Fold, is a completely new design that the company says can be folded in half like a newspaper.

The Galaxy Fold is not yet available to buy, but Samsung says it will be available in early 2019. The company is also releasing a new video that shows the phone being unfolded and used.

The Galaxy Fold is likely Samsung’s response to the iPhone XR, which was released earlier this year and is also a foldable phone. The iPhone XR has received mixed reviews, but it seems likely that Samsung’s new phone will be more popular.

Samsung says million foldable phone shipments in 2021

Samsung says that it has shipped million foldable phone units in 2021, teasing the upcoming Galaxy Fold. The company said that the shipments are “on track” and that it is “looking forward to providing consumers with a new type of mobile experience.”

The Galaxy Fold is a highly anticipated device that was first leaked back in April. At the time, details about the device were scarce, but Samsung has since released more information about the phone.

The Galaxy Fold features a foldable display that can be opened up into a standard phone form factor. The device also has a hinge that allows it to be folded in half so that it can be used as a tablet.

The Galaxy Fold is expected to launch in early November and will cost $2,000.

Is the Galaxy Fold the future of phones?

Samsung has announced that it has shipped one million units of its Galaxy Fold phone.

This news comes just a few weeks after the device was first released to the public. The Galaxy Fold is a foldable phone that has been described as being like a “ passport to the future” by Samsung.

The Galaxy Fold is different than other phones in many ways. For example, it has a display that can be folded in half so that it can be used as a regular phone or unfolded to reveal a large screen.

Some people have been concerned about the quality of the Galaxy Fold, but Samsung says that these concerns are unfounded. The company says that it has received feedback from customers who say that the phone is working well and meets their expectations.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Galaxy Fold will become the future of phones. However, with one million units having already been shipped, it seems likely that this device will continue to be popular.


Samsung has announced that they have shipped over 10 million foldable phones in 2021, with the Galaxy Fold being one of the most popular models so far. The new Galaxy Flip 4 teaser video hints at a device that is even more impressive than the original Galaxy Fold, and it’s definitely something to watch out for in the coming months!

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