Perfios Announces Changes in Senior Leadership Team

In the wake of Perfios acquisition of Karza Technologies, this strategic shift in the leadership structure draws on the collective skills and expertise of both companies.

BANGALORE, India, Sept. 2 2022– Perfios Software Solutions has grown rapidly as a category maker and disruptive force in the financial and banking services industry over the past 14 years. It is a cutting-edge technology product SaaS firm, Perfios has enabled a significant variety of Financial Institutions to automate their credit decision-making using data-driven insight, processing more than 2 million API calls per month (and increasing month-to-month) and automating over 90 percent of the credit decisioning process. In the course of this amazing journey, the company has expanded its reach to include 18 countries and hopes to be the world leader in the fields of its area of focus.

The acquisition of Karza Technologies’ acquisition in March 2022, the entity is now the top B2B SaaS Fintech in the country that allows real-time decisions serving over 800 institutions. Institutions in making educated decisions.

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Each of Perfios along with Karza have made significant strides through their careers to date due to the vision and implementation of their leaders. The synergies that result from the two entities provide more rapid growth opportunity for Perfios. To capitalize on this opportunity, Perfios announced a new organisational structure that leverages the experience of the proven leaders of both teams.

The CEO and Co-Founder, V.R. Govindarajan is set to take the responsibility of Executive Chairman for the Company with a special concentration on coordinating strategic initiatives for the Company.

Sabyasachi Goswami, who previously was the Chief Business Officer of Perfios and will serve as the chief executive officer for the Company.

Ramgopal who was chief operating officer at Perfios He will now be the chief strategic officer. He will collaborate closely with V.R. Govindarajan, focusing on innovation and strategies.

Omkar Shirhatti, co-founder of Perfios, and the current chief executive officer of Karza He will assume the role as Chief Product Officer. He will be in charge of the development of products and services across Perfios as well as Karza.

Gaurav Samdaria who is the co-founder and currently Chief Business Officer at Karza is set to assume the job of Chief Business Officer for both Perfios as well as Karza.

In addition, co-founder Debasish Chakraborty will continue to assume the role of the Chief Technology Officer of Perfios.

The new rules will be in effect on August 1st 2022.

This new team of leaders is able to leverage synergies derived from innovative leadership styles and tested capabilities. The team of young managers in charge along with the highly skilled founding partners of Perfios will offer the necessary leadership flexibility as Perfios is planning for rapid growth rate and maintaining thought leadership by continuous and innovative innovation.

In announcing the changes in leadership, V.R. Govindarajan stated, “The coming together of Perfios and Karza meant bringing forth the outstanding leadership of the entities that helped steer both the organizations to remarkable success. I am confident that with the combined vision and commitment of the new leadership team, we will strengthen our existing client relationships and transform the banking and financial services industry through our continued focus on innovation.” The company’s history Perfios: Perfios Software Solutions is the biggest B2B Fintech software provider that is SaaS-based, which allows over 800 FIs to make informed decision-making in real time. The company’s headquarters are at Bangalore, Perfios specializes in real-time credit decision-making analytics, automated onboarding and due diligence, monitoring and much more. Perfios its data platform was designed to analyze and aggregate unstructured and structured data, and offer vertical solutions that integrate consented and publicly available information for the BFSI sector, which meets their strict scale Performance, Security and other SLA specifications.

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