One was killed, nine injured As BMW Test Car with Autonomous Steering veers into Traffic in Germany

A BMW test car struck the Mercedes-Benz van head-on, in Germany which resulted to the demise of a 33-year old passenger in the vehicle.

A BMW test vehicle equipped with autonomous steering capabilities crashed into traffic that was in front of it in Germany and killed one person while seriously hurting nine others, according to police on Tuesday. Police spokesman in the town of Reutlingen stated that the electronic BMW iX with five people in the car and a toddler and a toddler, left its lane in a road bend which led to a series of collisions that involved four vehicles on Monday afternoon.

After hitting the oncoming Citroen in the direction of a Citroen, it was discovered that the BMW struck the Mercedes-Benz van head-on. The collision resulted on the loss of life of 33-year old passenger in the vehicle.

The driver aged 70 from the Citroen lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a vehicle, with two passengers in the vehicle, causing it to slide off the road, the car exploded into flames.

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Reutlingen Police spokesperson Michael Schaal said four rescue helicopters as well as dozens of firefighters were on the scene and injured people were transported to hospitals across the area. They included the driver aged 43 of the BMW three adults between 31, 42, and 47, as well as a one-year-old child, all of whom were in the test car.

Schaal claimed that police haven’t yet had the chance to speak with the drivers involved in the crash.

“The car that was involved in the crash was an electric autonomous test vehicle,” police said in the statement. “Whether it was being controlled through by the driver of 43 (driver) and not under inquiry.”

BMW has confirmed the involvement of one test vehicle in a crash close to Reutlingen however, it claimed that the car was completely autonomous.

“The vehicle is equipped with the level 2 assistance system that is integrated into production vehicles and can assist the driver in the event of need,” the company said. “With level 2 vehicles , the driver remains in control.”

BMW said that the car had to be registered as a test vehicle for reasons of data security, since it was recording video footage.

“We are conducting an investigation into the specific details (of the accident),” BMW said. “Of course, we’re working closely with authorities.”

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