Morbi bridge death toll increases to 132

According to authorities the bridge fell because the cables that support it snapped. The private company that was responsible for its repair said the bridge was damaged by tourists who threw it around.

New Delhi: The death toll due to the collapse of the suspension bridge that was erected in Ahmedabad’s Morbi town has increased to 132 on Monday, Home minister of the state Harsh Sanghavi announced and added that two people remain missing.

He said that the rescue mission was in its final stage and “will be completed in the near future”.

The bridge that was recently renovated for the colonial age fell down on Sunday evening, causing approximately 400 tourists who were on the bridge being swept away into the Machchhu river.

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According to the officials the bridge collapsed just after 6:30 pm, when the cables supporting the bridge broke.

The bridge, which was built in the century, was opened open to public access on the 26th of October, after six months of shut-down for repairs. The bridge, which spans 230 meters, was built at the turn of the century within the British colonial period.

Following the collapse after the collapse, the only thing that was left from the bridge was the steel carriageway that was hanging from one side into the dark waters, its strong cables snapped at various points.

“Fitness certificate” for bridges not issued after repair

The chief of the Morbi Municipality Sandeepsinh Zala said that the private company, Oreva Group, responsible for the renovation of the bridge, has allowed visitors to use it without informing the authorities.

The Oreva Group spokespersonsaid that the incident was due to the shakers of the bridge. He said that the collapse happened due to “too many people who were in the middle of the bridge tried to move it from one direction to the next.”

A five-person panel comprised of police officers and officials was set up through members of the Gujarat government to look into the incident. At most, two of Modi’s shows in Gujarat were delayed or cancelled because of the incident.

A government announcement stated that a national disaster management team as well as the 50 Navy along with thirty Air Force troops were requested to help locate people who are missing.

in the course of an exclusive interview to NDTV The Gujarat’s minister of Labour and Employment, Brijesh Merja, claimed that the state government is responsible for the tragic event.

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