Meta Starts Testing The Super Live Streaming platform Creators: Read

A few influencers have received payment of as much as $3000 (roughly about Rs. 2,40,000) to test Super during 30 minutes.

Meta is the firm behind Facebook and Instagram has been working on Super, a live streaming platform inspired by Twitch according to an Business Insider report. According to a report Meta has reached out to influential people to try the platform. They also provided the complete set of slides to present Super to creators. Super has been used by around 100 creators so up to now, and allows users to sign up using their Google account. It also allows streaming on the viral video platform TikTok Live.

An Meta representative stated in a statement by Business Insider that Super is an entirely separate product that is it is not part of other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Super’s website is now accessible to everyone and its footer declares that it’s offered through the “NPE Team of Meta.” The development team at Meta called NPE is responsible for the development of new software. There aren’t any other information about Meta in Super’s site.

Super has been mentioned in reports on news before. The product seems distinct from the one mentioned in an news article in the year 2020. Super was marketed in the early days as an “Cameo-inspired tool” which would allow calls in the style of Facetime between celebrities and their followers.

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Certain features, like the ability to snap selfies with creators seem to have been transferred across. The platform seems to have changed its direction to be more like an Twitch competitor to live streaming, but.

In the presentation deck Super will offer creators an opportunity to profit from their streams, just as Twitch does. Viewers are able to donate to their favorite creator and buy additional content with subscriptions that are tied.

In the meantime the creators will retain the entirety of their earnings. The pitch deck also includes the sponsorship program where companies can purchase marketing materials prominently integrated into the Super stream created by the creator.

Creators don’t require a lot of graphic or technical skills to create an attractive livestream since Super seems to have integrated particular video layouts into its product. In addition, there are already built features, such as giveaway and trivia modules that allow creators to swiftly integrate these activities into the stream.

Certain influencers have been paid that range from $3,000 to $3000 (roughly the equivalent of Rs. 2,40,000) to try their skills with Super in 30 mins, as per this news report. According to a different source who spoke to the publication there were “paid rewards based on the quality on the stream.”

It’s interesting to see the fact that Super along with Meta’s various services such as Instagram and Facebook aren’t able to be interconnected. On Super’s site users are given the option of logging into Google when they click Login. As of now, TikTok is the only other platform that is mentioned in the FAQ on the site. In the section in which Super describes how to stream your stream on TikTok Live, the viral video platform is mentioned in the website’s FAQ.

Super is in the early stages of testing according to Meta, and it’s not yet clear when it will become available to the public is not known. At present, creators can sign up by email and get early access Super.

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