Manali is to be the home of the first artificial intelligence-powered massive swing!

Manali is attracting adventure enthusiasts around the world for quite a while now. There’s now a second reason to make it an adventurer’s dream to visit Mandi as the hill station Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi is all set to unveil Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed massive swings this Jan. (year 2023).ManaliSwing is the first of its kind. It was founded by four adventure-loving cum engineer buddies who are rock climbers certified and mountaineers. The swing has passed its tests with humans and is in the process of filing patents on the idea and design.

According to the team, they’ve been approached by Dubai The government is preparing to start the change within the country. They are engaged with Switzerland as well.

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Utsav Soni One of the founders who founded the company, said to PTI, “We will offer one of the world’s most creative and safe giant swing like bungy jumping but instead of going down on rubber bungy cord, here one freefall followed by giant swing on dual dynamic ropes with over 100 possible jump styles allowing one to experience the adrenaline of 70m free fall with AI promising impeccable safety like never before.”

Now we have another reason to make for a trip to Manali! The massive swing will provide you with stunning panoramas of the surrounding. It’s sure be among the most unique experiences available in India.

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