Jharkhand: Woman gang-raped, 4 detained

(PTI) Four individuals were arrested for gang-raped of a woman aged 20 located in the Jharkhand state’s Khunti district, the police said on Thursday.

The incident occurred near Govindpur railway station in the evening of August 22.

Based on the statements of the victim the FIR was filed against unknown individuals. Four people have been detained in this matter and are being interrogated.” Khunti Superintendent of Police Aman Kumar told.

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The woman, who was a resident of the Simdega district, had travelled to Govindpur to meet a friend. A man befriended she and was able to take her to different locations in Karra on his motorbike prior to returning to the station. He called his buddies who were at the scene and they all were raped, as per her account by the police.

A medical exam of the woman was carried out on the 23rd of August The SP reported.

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