Innovation for Indian Awards 2023′ run by the Marico Innovation Foundation, applications are now open for the

Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) is the most innovative organization in India, skilled at recognizing game-changing innovations and helping them to impact on a larger scale.

Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) through two of its most renowned programmes, Innovation For India Awards and Scale-Up, supports disruptive innovation in India.

MIF has a an enlightened goal of nurturing innovative technologies that are changing the game in India and assisting them to expand to create greater social and economic benefits.

Innovation. The word has transformed all around us. The last two years , particularly provide a great illustration of how innovation can lead to opportunities even in the most challenging of circumstances. From reinventing supply chains to reshaping learning, we have seen the speed in which innovation is exploding in India. Its role in the future is evident.

The potential for innovation that India is able to offer is increasing globally, as evidenced by the Indian startup industry having recently celebrated the 100th unicorn in the last month.

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MIF had glimpses of this potential in 2003, when the foundation was created from Harsh Mariwala’s enthusiasm and vision and has been in the forefront of promoting innovation long before it became the norm.

This is the reason MIF recognized the necessity to conceptualize and unveil the first Indian Innovation Award platform as in the year the year 2006.

The platform, which serves as an industry standard for innovation awards in the present is a platform that selects and recognizes the most innovative innovations of the future that will be category-creators or early disruptive companies. The platform shares their amazing and inspiring stories that have the goal of creating an impact on the next generation of entrepreneurs.

A few of the winners from the previous editions include Rivigo (a world-first idea and a unicorn of India with a driver relay method of logistics, which has reduced costs by 40 percent) Olympic Gold Quest recognised in 2020 and has helped Olympic medallists such as Lovlina Borgohain Mirabai Chanu Goonj (known as a result of its rapid response to disaster relief) and Akshaya Patra to just some.

For 2020, the MIF’s list of winners comprised Agasta, an innovator who created the world’s most compact and most sophisticated medical-grade 12 lead ECG devices that you can carry in your pocket, aiding in the early detection and the treatment of chronic diseases. Genrobotics, a breakthrough that has developed the most advanced automated sewage cleaner that is able to clean manholes and bring improvements in the quality of life of manual scrapers.

It is expected that the neutenth year of the Innovation for India Awards 2023 is expected to produce remarkable innovations that aren’t only the first of their kind in India however, perhaps even the entire world.

Future-oriented: Innovation for India Awards 2023

It is known for its knack of finding and recognizing the ‘next-big innovations of the future, the ninth edition of Innovation for India awards invites innovative companies from two categories:

business category corporations and startup companies

Social Category: non-profit organizations such as as NGOs, government bodies and philanthropic organizations charity trusts multilateral organizations Community foundations, as well as CSR/corporate funds.

The method used to identify the most disruptive innovations is unique and extremely durable. With the two-round process that involves in-depth due-diligence and on-the-ground experience, as well as interviews with the founders as well as the management as component of the due diligence procedure the jury picks the most promising innovations from India.

Praxis Global Alliance, the advisors for this edition, will be working with MIF to narrow down the nominations for the awards and ultimate winners. We will evaluate the winners based on four key elements namely uniqueness, impact scale, sustainability, and impact.

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Winners have the unique opportunity to showcase their ideas in a widely-acclaimed and highly regarded platform. They also get an opportunity to be enrolled into MIF’s zero-equity, speedy acceleration program. They also gain access to industry experts and executives who can help propel their progress to the next stage by helping them to understand their barriers to growth and unleashing the potential they have not yet realized. The winners also have the possibility of receiving a wide-ranging recognition for their innovation with specific media coverage across the relevant platforms across the country.

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