Indian homes need small pooja rooms

Most Indian homes have pooja rooms. You can create a special corner in your home to house a beautiful mandir. Below are some examples of popular pooja rooms and other options you have.

One or more idols are required for a pooja room. A bell, an incense burner, and a diya are all essential items for a pooja area. The number of deities that can be kept by the home owner – whether they are in sitting or standing positions – is up to them.

We have always been fascinated by the architecture of Indian temples. You can use elements of Indian temple architecture as inspiration for your pooja space. A few sculpted columns made of marble or wood can make the entrance grand. A pendant light can be used to create a sense of a temple in your pooja room. The ceiling should look like a dome.

You can add classic Sanskrit verses and shlokas to your pooja area as a backdrop. To give your prayer area a traditional appeal, you can use calligraphy to create the shlokas.

A pooja room design is best for apartments. These middle-class indian pooja rooms are simple and elegant.

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Pooja rooms in marble

Marble is a popular choice when it comes to prayer rooms in homes. Marble pooja rooms are a great choice if you have a large home. It is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance, but it lasts for many years and there are no termites to worry about. Marble can be used to decorate a pooja area. It matches all types of flooring and decor. It will make your pooja space look elegant and rich, but it’s also ideal for small spaces.

Traditional pooja rooms for south Indian homes

South Indian pooja rooms are made up of a lot wood and have carved carvings. The idols are mostly made from brass. Both images and idols are kept on the altar. You can make the mandir from wood and place it against the wall. You can place the idols on the mandir’s shelf, which will leave enough room for diyas and flowers.

South Indian design features doors that are closed during the afternoon for the mandir.

A backdrop can be printed or embossed with the word “Om”. The divine atmosphere can be enhanced by a brass bell.

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