Google says it fired an engineer who claimed that it’s AI Chatbot is Sensient

The software engineer Blake Lemoine violated company policies Google says Google.

Alphabet’s Google has announced that on Friday, it had dismissed an experienced software engineer who claimed that Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot LaMDA was self-aware.

Google that put the software engineer Blake Lemoine on leave last month, claimed that he violated the company’s policies and it found his claims about LaMDA as “wholly insubstantial.”

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“It’s regrettable that despite years of discussions on this issue, Blake still chose to repeatedly violate the explicit employment and security guidelines that stipulate the requirement to protect the information on products,” a Google spokesperson wrote in an email sent to Reuters.

The year before, Google said that LaMDA — the Language Model to Dialogue Applications was based upon research conducted by the company that showed the models based on Transformers that were developed through dialogue could be trained to speak about almost everything.

Google and a number of other top scientists quickly dismissed Lemoine’s ideas as untrue in their assertion that LaMDA is just a complex algorithm that is designed to produce an appealing human voice.

Lemoine’s demotion was first announced to Big Technology, a tech and society magazine.

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