Exports of broken rice has banned by India

(PTI) After imposition of 20 percent export duties on rice that is not

The government has also banned breaking rice exports, with the aim of increasing domestic supply, according to an official announcement.
“Export policy of broken rice …is amended from Free’ to Prohibited’,” the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) stated in a notice that was issued on September 8th 2022.

The notice will take effect on September 9, 2022.

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In the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 regarding the transitional arrangements will not apply to this announcement It added.

In the notification, it was also stated that between September 9 and 15 Certain parcels of broken rice can be permitted for export.

Consignments are allowed to export during this time in cases where the loading of rice that is broken on ships started prior to this notice, when the shipping bill has been filed and the vessel has been berthed or arrived are anchored at Indian ports. Also, their number of rotation has been assigned prior to this order.

Exports are also permitted when the shipment was delivered to the Customs prior to the notification and has been registered in their system, the announcement said.

The authorization for loading into these vessels will be given only after confirmation from the port authorities in charge of the anchoring and berthing of the vessel to load broken rice prior the announcement.

The government has introduced a 20 percent export tax on non-basmati rice other than parboiled rice in order to boost supplies for the domestic market due to a decrease in the area under the paddy harvest in this Kharif season.

In a notice issued from the revenue department, an export tax of 20% is imposed on ‘rice that is an husk (paddy or rough) and husked (brown) rice’. The duty on exports will take effective on September 9.

The paddy crop has decreased by 5.62 percent to 383.99 lakh hectares during the current Kharif season, because of the poor rainfall in certain states, according to the latest figures published by the ministry of agriculture.

India is the world’s second largest rice producer behind China is home to 40 percent of the share in global trade.

In the country, it exported 21.2 million tonnes of rice between 2021 and 22nd February, from which 3.94 million tonnes were basmati rice. The exports of non-basmati rice were USD 6.11 billion during the same timeframe according to official figures.

Non-basmati rice was exported by the country to over 150 countries between 2021-22.

Paddy is the primary Kharif crop and sowing begins with the start of southwest monsoon, which is in June. harvesting commences from October.

The rice production increased to record levels of 130.29 million tonnes during the previous year’s crop in comparison to 124.37 million tonnes in 2020-21.

Government has banned exports of wheat.

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