ERP trends in 2022

ERP trends in 2022

Changes in resource planning (ERP) software have always been slow compared to the rapid advances in other technologies. However, for some time now we have seen how this technology has been growing rapidly and these rapid changes in ERP are going to cause those that are not updated to be left out of the highly competitive market that we live in.

Digitization in business environments continues to be an upward trend in recent years, but as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes in the way we work (teleworking), this process has been accelerated and has become a true necessity . adopt new solutions and processes, which lead us to acquire a new mentality to face digital transformation.

main trends

As companies rely on ERP solutions to guide their businesses, these solutions continue to advance and evolve to add new technologies and accommodate a greater range of different functionalities.

In this post we will collect the main trends that will be talked about during 2022 and later years.

ERP in the cloud

The trend so far in companies has been to have ERP solutions in their facilities, being reluctant to trust the cloud when hosting their technological solutions there, but this trend is changing more and more.

The cloud solution speeds up implementation, lowers costs, provides new functionalities, uses the modules you really need, quickly incorporates new users and new resources according to the growth of your business.

The pandemic and the rate of rapid growth has meant that implementation in the cloud is displacing local software, because from the cloud you can access your work simply by being connected to the Internet.

Multiple functionalities

Until now, the decision made by companies was to implement a single ERP solution at the main headquarters and the rest of the branches. The implementation of this process turned out to be expensive and with great difficulty due to the characteristics and requirements that they required, the branches did not need the same functionalities that the main headquarters could have and that is where the problems arose when it came to having the same approach with a single solution.

The novelty for 2022 is the two-tier ERP solution that optimizes investment in existing ERP solutions at the corporate level. Larger companies will be able to continue to use the core ERP for finance and other processes, while smaller units can turn to more specialized solutions to address their needs.

This type of implantation has some advantages:

  • They are less expensive implementations by adapting the corporate ERP system for the entire company.
  • An implementation of this type is simpler and gives the subsidiaries a greater degree of flexibility in the face of changing situations that may arise in the business.

Technologies integrated into the ERP

2022 will see a greater integration between the ERP and social networks. Increasingly social networks have become another important focus of activity and customers and potential customers make frequent use of them, for this, it is important that companies have a complete knowledge of the audience to improve digital marketing strategies. and customer experience.

The integration of the data provided by the interactions in the social networks together with the order history, the communication with the client… provide companies with an invaluable source of information to focus the sales process with new sales and relationship strategies. the client.

Artificial intelligence

AI coupled with machine learning capabilities embedded in ERP solutions help to channel strong demand for customization and empower the various ranges of business processes.

Two fundamental benefits of AI in companies:

  1. Information augmentation: They identify large sources of operational data to offer us new business insights based on this information.
  2. Process improvement: In the form of machine learning, it is possible to optimize the delivery of supplies and work plans to increase productivity and reduce costs.

predictive analytics

That information is power is not something new that we know, the integration of AI in ERPs highlights the interest of companies in obtaining the majority of their customers’ data to obtain new information and see increased results.

Every year improvements and updates with the latest cutting-edge technologies are produced, giving rise to an increasingly powerful, competitive and highly useful solution for any professional environment. 2022 will be an important year to see many of the trends of past years settled.

Having Dynamics Square Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold as a Partner for the analysis and implementation of your ERP like Dynamics 365 Business Central this 2022-23, since we have extensive experience in different sectors that supports us . We will help you throughout the process so that you continue to advance in digitization, in an intelligent and integrated way, so that you are able to centralize and manage your company, maintaining total control of your business.

Benefits you will get with an ERP

As we have seen, the functionalities that this solution gives us for our food industry are those necessary to carry out an exhaustive follow-up from the planning, control, execution and possible corrections of the deviations that occur. In addition, all of them must follow the premises of transparency, traceability and regulatory compliance.

The objective and result that we achieve with this solution is to have our company more interconnected in which technology is provided as a service to people. We see this in the benefits that are produced every day in the multitude of daily tasks that we have, for example:

  • Optimization of times for data processing.
  • Deletion of obsolete data.
  • Report of the data in real time.
  • Inventories without stock breaks.
  • Digital documentation.
  • Agile orders.

As we have seen in the post, the ERP for the food industry becomes essential for exhaustive monitoring throughout the entire supply chain of food products.

Contact us if you need more information and discover the full potential of the solution for the proper functioning of your organization.


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