Epic Games Will Not Follow Minecraft in banning NFTs from its Gaming Platforms

Epic Games has incorporated NFTs into its games previously and is planning to do it in the near future as well.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has declared that the company does not intend to prohibit NFTs since developers “should be able to choose the best way to develop their games.” However, while Epic Games isn’t necessarily pro-crypto or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) but the company does not intend to impose any opinion about the subject to its players. Sweeney’s remarks come on following Microsoft’s Mojang Studios announcing that it is soon going to ban all use of NFTs on its community-run Minecraft server games. Epic Games, the creator of the immensely loved Fortnite video game has integrated NFTs to its gaming previously and has recently have raised $2 billion (roughly around Rs. 16003 million) for the purpose of helping “build the universe of metaphysics.”

“Developers are free to design their own games and you’re at your own discretion to decide whether you want to play the games,” Sweeney said on Twitter. “I believe that stores and operating system makers shouldn’t be interfering with their opinions by imposing their ideas on other people. We will not.”

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Sweeney responded to a tweeter who questioned for the Epic Games co-founder and CEO to follow Minecraft’s example. “It is really great to hear the same sentiment of the Epic Games Store,” wrote the user. “Please delete each and every one of those titles from their store.

“To assure that Minecraft players enjoy a secure and enjoyable experience, blockchain technology is not allowed to be used into our server and client applications. Neither can Minecraft in-game content like skins, worlds and other items, or any other mods be used with blockchain technology in order to make a rare digital currency,” Minecraft said in an announcement.

The decision was echoed by the largest online marketplace of PC games Steam which have announced the ban of NFTs and games that utilize blockchain technology in October. However, the Epic Games store has pushed away from this idea ever since it announced that they will allow NFT games, and has also announced some games that use blockchain technology in the past.

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