Electric vehicle and Hybrid Cars to Be Long Waiting Times as Cardesigner Work across Chip shortfall

Honda petrol models have the option of two months’ waiting and City Hybrid has a waiting of 9 months for bookings that are new.

The top car manufacturers are struggling with a massive backlog of 6.5 lakh units as chip shortages continue to cut into their production and resulting in lengthy waiting times for customers. The biggest carmaker in the country Maruti Suzuki alone has a backlog of 3.4 lakh units. Hyundai is also in the process of completing Mahindra & Mahindra have a waiting list of around 3.0 lakh units.

Tata Motors, Kia, and Honda are waiting on large orders.

The auto industry is slowly recovering after the devastating pandemics In recent years even luxury car makers have seen demand surpassing supply, which has led to backlogs of orders.

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In his opinion, improving output is the best way to get out of the current situation.

“The the last two quarters have seen sales that are above the nine lakh (sales) in the sector. It’s the first time in the history of the Indian automobile industry that we’ve crossed nine lakh sales over two quarters…it signifies that the demand is high within the industry,” Srivastava said.

The list of pending orders has increased because of supply issues for chips that have been lingering for more than two years He said that it would take longer to cut down on the number of backlogs. “Going to the next stage, hopefully with increased production, it will decrease”.

The Tata Motors spokesperson said the waiting time for their passenger car range ranges from 4-12 weeks, based on the model and color.

“And in the case of electric cars, it’s getting to be up to six months,”” The spokesperson added.

Honda Cars India Director (Marketing and Sales) Yuichi Murata said the problems with supply, which include chips shortages across the globe, have affected the company’s production and delivery schedules from last year, which has led to longer wait times for customers.

“Unfortunately this issue persists , and we’re doing our best to deal with the situation,” he said.

Furthermore, he added that the company is focusing on the development of models that are selling fast and variations in order to meet the growing demand.

The wait time for corporate cars ranges between 2 and 9 months.

The petrol variants are waiting for two months Diesel variants are waiting for 3 to 5 months along with City Hybrid have a waiting of 9 months for bookings that are new.

Semiconductors include silicon chip that provide to memory and control functions in a variety of products, from computers, automobiles and mobile phones to a variety of other electronic gadgets.

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The use of semiconductors within the automotive industry has been going up in the last few years globally and new models are introducing increasingly electronic features like Bluetooth connectivity, driver assistance, navigation systems, and hybrid electric systems.

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