Dyson V15 Detection Vacuum Cleaner Using Laser Dust Detection is launched in India More Information

Dyson V15 Detect Vacuum Cleaner has up 60 minutes of fade-free suction. It also houses an filtration system that is five stages.

Dyson V15 Discover vacuum cleaner was introduced on the market in India the beginning of Monday. The cordless vacuum cleaner comes equipped with features such as laser dust detection and the possibility of up to 60 minutes non-fading suction as well as a five-stage filtering system. Dyson V15 Detect includes the Dyson Hyperdymium motor that produces up to 240 air watts suction according Dyson. It is available to purchase through Amazon as well as the Dyson website and Dyson Demo stores. It is offered in three colors.

Dyson V15 Detect cost in India

Dyson V15 Detect cost in India is set at amount of. 65,900. The vacuum cleaner can be purchased through Amazon and on the Dyson site as well as Dyson Demo retail stores. The vacuum cleaner is available with three color options: Iron as well as Nickel and Yellow. The Amazon listing lists it at. 62,900 as part of the Lightning Deal.

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Dyson V15 Detect specifications

It is cordless. Dyson V15 Detect vacuum cleaner claims to provide as long as 60 minutes non-fading suction. It is also equipped with the five-stage filtration system. The latest vacuum cleaner comes with a Dyson Hyperdymium motor which is claimed to produce up to the power of 240 milliwatts of suction.

The feature for detecting dust of Dyson V15 Detect Dyson V15 Detect uses an bent green laser that’s built into the head of a cleaner to reveal tiny dust particles that cannot be observed with eyesight. It is Dyson V15 Detect also has Piezo sensors that can size and count dust. The V15 Detect is equipped with the LCD screen that shows the measurement and count of dust particles.

It is also able to detangle pet hair. Dyson V15 Detect also comes with de-tangling capabilities, which allow it to take pet hair as well as long hair using a conical anti-tangle bar. Dyson has also stated Dyson’s fully sealed system can catch as well as seal 99.99 percentage of tiny particles, which includes particles tiny as 0.3 microns according to Dyson’s own.

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