Drug business is easy to do, Rahul asks in attack on the PM over Gujarat “drug hauls”

(PTI) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday criticized PM Narendra Modi over a series of trafficking cases in Gujarat and asked the length of time he’d remain in a stalemate on the issue.

His attack was a few two days before an Anti Narcotics Cell (ANC) of the Mumbai Police busted a mephedrone manufacturing facility in Gujarat and recovered drugs worth $126 million.

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” ‘Ease of doing drug business’ in Gujarat? Mr Prime Minister, answer these questions. Drugs worth thousands of crores are reaching Gujarat. Who is spreading this poison in the holy land of Gandhi-Patel,” the former Congress chief tweeted in a tweet written in Hindi.

With a string of questions, the man asked why the owner of the port has not been investigated until now despite the fact that drugs were found time and time.

“Why are NCB and other government agencies still not able to nab ‘Narcos’ running drug cartels in Gujarat?” Gandhi said. “Narcos” is the title of the Netflix series about drugs cartels that operate in Colombia.

Who are the individuals in the government at in the Centre as well as in Gujarat who are providing protection to mafia “friends” according to the Congress leader continued to inquire.

“Mr Prime Minister, for how long will you be silent, the answers will have to be given,” the Prime Minister said.

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