Delhi Man kills wife and commits suicide following disagreement

(PTI) A 42-year-old man was accused of stabbing the wife of his death prior to taking his own life according to police from the Delhi Police said on Wednesday.

The man, named Neeraj was also a victim of a scuffle an of his children during the incident on Tuesday night in the east of Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar, the police said.

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It is evident that Neeraj took his own life after a fight with his wife due to injuries on his neck and wrist. The post-mortem report is yet to be released according to police.

At around 9.15 midnight, Laxmi Nagar Police Station received numerous calls regarding stabbing and a dispute at street number 2. West Guru Angad Nagar, one of the police officers who was in charge told.

The police arrived at the scene and discovered Neeraj and his wife Jyoti suffering serious injuries, while their 13-year-old son was suffering from the hand of his father cut with a. Both were transported to a hospital, where Neeraj and Jyoti passed away from injuries, according to the officer.

An initial investigation has revealed that the couple was a bit secluded and often fought police reported.

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