Crime Branch raid at P C George’s home

(PTI) The Crime Branch wing of Kerala police has raided Thursday the home of prominent Kerala political figure P C George in Erattupetta neighborhood within the district.

The search was conducted to search for evidence that could be connected to the assault on a 2017 actress investigation, sources claimed.

In the course of the search, George, also a former MLA, revealed to mediapersons that police were looking for his son’s cell phone. Shone George’s cell phone which his brother, Dileep, had called in the year 2019.

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He also said that the phone was destroyed by his son. sent a police report that the phone had been destroyed in the year 2019.

George has previously stated his support for the actor Dileep during the trial where Dileep is accused.

He was detained twice in the last year, allegedly for making hateful speeches, but was later released under bail.

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