Consumer Watchdog Imposes Penalty On Amazon for selling pressure cookers that are not standard Cookers

The American-based company to recall all sub-standard pressure cookers and pay all 265 customers

The CCPA also directed Amazon to file an audit report in the next 45 days.

The fine was levied for the violation of the domestic pressure Cooker (Quality Control) Order 2020 and consumer rights

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has imposed an penalty of 1 lakh INR on the major e-commerce site Amazon for allowing the sale of cookers that were not of a high standard through its website.

The fine was assessed for infraction to QCO (Domestic Pressure Cooker (Quality Control) Order 2020) and consumer rights.

The business (Amazon) is also ordered to pay a fine of INR 1,000,000 for allowing the selling pressure cookers that are in breach of QCO on its platform. QCO through its website, and in violation of consumer rights, the CCPA said in an order.

The CCPA confirmed that it had reviewed the responses submitted by Amazon it discovered that the platform’s e-commerce site sold 2,265 cookers with a substandard design at the sum of 6.14 Lakh.

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In the order the watchdog directed the company based in the United States to recall all substandard pressure cookers, and pay all consumers who purchased the cookers.

In addition the fact that Amazon was fined, the CCPA also directed Amazon to file an annual compliance report regarding the issue within over the course of 45 days.

The CCPA observed that because Amazon earned its commercially from the sales of all the items offered on the website, Amazon could not ‘disassociate its self from the issues that arise due to the sale of items.

The decision was made by the watchdog, under the direction of the chief commissioner Nidhi Khare.

The move is one of the major clampdown by the consumer watchdog against online retailers who violate rules. In March the CCPA issued the amount of fine equal to INR 1. lakh for each of Paytm Mall , as well as Snapdeal for selling pressure cookers that were not standard.

This year the government informed Congress that 15 warnings were handed out to e-commerce businesses and sellers making non-standard cookers available through online. In all, 305 cases were filed against e-commerce businesses for violating various rules and a fine in the amount of 49.95 Lakh was realised from 90 businesses.

The consumer watchdog also warned online platforms of severe penalties for selling Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani medications without a prescription.

This month, the watchdog published guidelines on the levy of charges in restaurants and hotels. In the following days, a restaurant’s association filed a petition with to the Delhi High Court (HC) against the government’s order that was later temporarily stayed in the court.

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