Consumer Watchdog CCPA Imposes Penalty On Flipkart

The CCPA ordered Flipkart to take down all 598 non-standard pressure cookers it sold on its platform.

The consumer watchdog has also asked Flipkart to inform and compensate all customers who were displeased.

The ecommerce platform demanded that they submit a compliance report in 45 days

The whip is whipped on Flipkart In a stern warning to Flipkart, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) on Wednesday (August 17) imposed a fine of INR 1 Lakh on the online site for selling low-quality pressure cookers.

The chief commissioner of the CCPA, Nidhi Khare, in an order, ordered Flipkart to pull back all 598 pressure cookers that are sold through its marketplace and inform the customers affected.

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The consumer watchdog also ordered the company to pay the affected customers and submit an audit investigation within the next 45 days.

The fine was imposed due to violations of the rights of customers and for ignoring rules of Domestic Pressure Cooker (Quality Control) Order of 2021.

Flipkart informed that the CCPA that it made INR 1,84,263 by selling these pressure cookers.

In a statement citing the commercial benefits of the sale of low-quality pressure cookers In a statement, the CCPA stated that Flipkart is not able to remove itself from the ‘roles and responsibilities associated with the selling of the cookers to customers.

The consumer watchdog further observed that the ‘Flipkart Terms of Service’ require that the word “Powered by Flipkart on each invoice that the company sells, informing the significance of Flipkart in the selling of these pressure cookers.

Ecommerce Platforms Under CCPA Lens

This comes just two weeks following CCPA also penalized e-commerce giant Amazon INR 1 lakh for allowing sales of cookers that are not of a high standard through its website.

The crackdown is part the nation-wide campaign initiated by CCPA to block the sale of fake goods that do not comply with the rules of quality control.

In this regard in this CCPA has also sent a letter to chief secretaries from the states and union territories of all and district collectors from across the country to inquire into unfair trade practices, violations of consumer rights and provide reports on the issue.

As part of the campaign that is currently underway, under the campaign, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has already seized 1,435 pressure cookers as well as 1,088 helmets because they did not conform to the standards set by BIS. In addition, the”1915″ short-code has been assigned to the National Consumer Helpline (NCH) which allows customers to lodge their complaints.

In an official statement in a statement, the CCPA declared that e-commerce platforms contributed to the largest percentage of complaints filed on this helpline, in the month of July .

“In June 2022, the time of summer 38% of the complaints on NCH were related to the internet-based marketplace. The most common types of consumer complaints in e-commerce include the delivery of a defective goods, non-payment of refund the payment delays in the delivery of the product, etc.” the CCPA stated.

This year this year, the Centre in the last quarter of this year, the Centre lawmakers that 15 warnings had been issued to e-commerce businesses and sellers who sell non-standard pressure cookers on the internet. As of now, 305 cases were filed against ecommerce businesses for violating certain norms. Additionally, a fine that is INR 49.95 Lakh has been handed down to 90 companies.

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