An excellent alternative to the MBA?

Because it is considered the gateway to greater things, the MBA is still a highly sought-after degree. Although this is true, many people are unaware that not all MBAs are created equal.

A top-tier college will give you a good chance of landing a job at a well-respected company if you have completed your MBA. These colleges are often too small to offer enough seats. People end up taking their MBAs from institutions that don’t offer great ROI.

Stoa hopes to fill this gap in the business education system.

The Stoa Charter was created to promote business education. This can be done alongside your job and costs less than a traditional MBA (Rs2.5 million + GST).

The average salary of Stoa Program graduates is Rs15 lakhs, with a 72% increase in remuneration.

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Aditya Kulkarni (Co-founder and CEO at Stoa), says that many people want to learn business, but not necessarily an MBA.

But what is the Stoa Charter exactly?

Stoa Charter, a CFA-like model that is used in business education, builds on the success of the StoaMBA online program with 600+ alumni. The Stoa program now allows candidates to prove their competence and earn their Stoa Level 1 or Level 2 to qualify for the Charter.

L1 trains people in ‘professional hygiene’, which includes communication skills, writing skills and analytical thinking. Candidates will present a case to solve a business problem before a jury in order to receive the L1 Charter.

L2 is used to learn domain-specific skills. Clearance is based on solving business problems in a specific domain. This allows those who don’t have any experience in a particular field to acquire the knowledge and expertise necessary to move into that field.

Aditya elaborates, “The Stoa Charter vouches to a person’s competence after they have been trained and are confident about their abilities.”

This charter will allow professionals to get the full benefits of an MBA without having to quit their job or pay exorbitant fees.

Stoa gives you access to more than 50 learning sprints in multiple areas (Marketing, Product Finance, Leadership Strategy & Operations, Strategy & Operation, General Management Skills, Finance, Leadership, Strategy & Technology). Each learning sprint lasts one week and consists of both self-paced learning during weekdays, as well as group-based learning on weekends. Candidates have the option to choose which domains they wish to specialize in and then select their sprints.

Each level certifies that a person has the ability to add value to a company. These levels are awarded to those who successfully complete the sprints and pass the appropriate test. Each level is passed by solving case studies that mirror the current challenges faced by businesses and pitching solutions for a panel made up of judges who will test your communication, subject-specific skills and thinking abilities.

The Stoa program offers mentoring and coaching that is often missing in mainstream education. Professional coaches can help you identify your strengths and make better decisions. Resume preparation workshops and interview coaching will help you stand out and beat the crowd to land the job that you desire. You can access exclusive workshops, meetups and a network with alumni at different levels as you progress through the ranks.

Stoa is supported by Zerodha founders, CRED, Udemy and Redbus. This faculty includes people who work in fast-growing businesses and are on the pulse the changing business landscape.

The Stoa Program will help you to become a competent, well-rounded professional. Instead of getting a certificate, the Stoa Program will equip you with the skills that companies need and provide a community for you to draw on.

It is a worthy competitor for the traditional MBA. This MBA is expensive and time-consuming.

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