Allahabad University raises fees; four students attempt self-immolation

22-year old student climbs up the university building, allegedly carrying a gas cylinder and lighter in both his hands. He threatened to blow himself up if university authorities did not comply with his demands.

After a student tried to self-immolate on campus and demanded the reduction of the alleged 400% fee hike by Allahabad University, four other students allegedly attempted to self-immolate on Tuesday by dousing themselves in kerosene. Another student also consumed kerosene Tuesday outside the office of the vice-chancellor, according university authorities.

A student aged 22 climbed up the university building, allegedly carrying a gas cylinder, lighter, and threatened to blow his own head if they didn’t comply with their demands.

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“Police force on campus however, thwarted them from self-immolation, but they had difficulty convincing the student, who threatened to blow himself up, to come down the university buildings. According to Dr Jaya Kapoor, a university public relations officer, the condition of the student who ingested kerosene was stable.

For the past 25 days, a group of students has protested a university fee hike on campus.

Ram Mohan Rai, Station House Office, Karnalganj Police Station (Prayagraj), stated that the protest continued for approximately three hours on Tuesday. Students hurled slogans at university officials at various locations on campus. Some students tried to commit suicide, but the police team managed it with tact. During the protest, no student was hurt or became ill. No FIR were filed Tuesday.

University officials pointed out that the university’s fee was increased after 110 years of existence.

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