Actual Covid instances in India decrease to 50342

(PTI)¬†India experienced a one-day increase of 6,395 new coronavirus cases increasing the number of COVID-19-related cases to 4,448,786,636 as active cases decreased to 50,342 according to the Union health ministry’s data that was updated on Thursday.
The death toll is now up to 5,28,090 deaths with 33 deaths which includes 14 deaths that were reconciled by Kerala The latest data at 8 am, showed.

The active cases account for 0.11 percent of total number of infections, while the recovery rate for COVID-19 in the nation has risen to 98.70 percent according to the health ministry.

A drop of 252 cases was reported in the COVID-19 cases in the span that was 24 hours.

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The positive rate for the day was recorded as 1.96 percent, while the weekly rate of positivity was recorded as 1.88 percent according to Health Ministry.

The number of patients who recovered from the disease grew to 4,39,004,204 while the fatality rate for cases was recorded as 1.19 per cent.

The ministry says that 214.27 millions doses Covid vaccinations were given to the nation so far in the COVID-19 nationwide vaccination campaign.

The COVID-19 total in India has crossed 20 lakh on the 7th of August and 2020. It was followed by 30 lakh on the 23rd of August and 20 lakh by September 5,, and 50 lakh on the 16th of September.

It crossed 60 lakh on September 28 70 lakh on the 11th of October It it crossed 80 lakh on the 11th of October 29, and 90 million on 20 November, and crossed it by one crore the 19th of December.

India has surpassed the grim mark of two crores on May 4th, three crore on June 23rd last year and 4 crores on the 25th of January, 2018.

The 19 new deaths include five victims from Maharashtra along with two deaths in Delhi, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal among others.

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